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University Found Guilty Of Sexism – And It’s Not What You’d Expect



Eighteen men unhappy at being paid less than their female colleagues at a university have been awarded a total of £460,000 in back pay.

The caretakers and maintenance staff won their sex discrimination case in April.

Bosses had defended themselves by insisting that the difference was not due to gender but down to changes to the men’s contracts.

The University of Wales Trinity Saint David said it was dealing with the consequences of historical decisions made by Swansea Metropolitan University.

It is believed to be the first time such a large group of men had launched legal action in Britain claiming sexual discrimination.

All the men were originally employed by Swansea Metropolitan University, which merged with the University of Wales Trinity St David in August last year.




The men had originally been on minimum 45-hour-a-week contracts. However, that all changed when new regulations sought to standardise workers’ contracts to a 37-hour working week.

The university feared the drop in hours would cause problems, and so bosses decided to  guarantee the men the extra eight hours but class it as overtime pay.

But when the new system was put into action, the men said they realised their hourly rate was less than women who were on the same pay scale.

The University of Wales Trinity Saint David said it had no involvement in the decisions that were made by Swansea Metropolitan University in 2007 which resulted in the case.

One spokesperson said. “This was a complex case and we are very disappointed that the newly merged university now has to deal with, in an appropriate manner and with due care, the consequences of historical decisions.”

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