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Time congratulates Romney on Person of the Year nod; Sandra Fluke nominated!/TIME/status/273181275710439426

So, did you receive your “Congrats” tweet from Time yet? If not, you likely haven’t been nominated for the magazine’s “Person of the Year” award. (At least you can console yourself with that award “You” won back in 2006 along with everyone else.)

Time’s novel way of publicizing its shortlist this year was to spam the honorees with congratulatory tweets, and there were quite a few. Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Bill Clinton each got a nod, as well as Olympians Mo Farah, Gabby Douglas and Michael Phelps. Also on the list are “Gangnam Style” rapper Psy, the Mars Curiosity Rover and, in a truly curious development, Sandra Fluke.

In a just society, @sandrafluke would be the subject of universal mockery. In Obama’s America, she’s a nominee for person of the year.

— Kevin Eder (@keder) November 26, 2012

If @sandrafluke is selected as @time‘s Person of the Year, then all women will be encouraged to be composites only concerned about BC pills.

— Gabriella Hoffman (@Gabby_Hoffman) November 26, 2012

Wow! Standards are low, huh? “@time: @sandrafluke Congrats! You’ve been chosen as a candidate on @time‘s #POY2012 poll.”

— rikki (@RikkiWilliamsXO) November 26, 2012

People like you are the reason I wouldn’t be caught dead calling myself a feminist. Begging for $9 BC is NOT EMPOWERMENT. @sandrafluke

— rikki (@RikkiWilliamsXO) November 26, 2012

What? Sandra Fluke has done a lot more than just beg for free birth control. And if she wins the award, perhaps we’ll break down and buy an issue of Time to find out just what that thing was.

@michellemalkin Someone tell me what Fluke did worthy of @time #POY2012? That’s like POTUS Nobel Peace Prize 4 trashing USA on apology tour

— Mark Abraham (@mbabrahamjddo) November 26, 2012

If@sandrafluke becomes @time‘s #POY2012 then I will no longer peruse it while passing time in waiting rooms #credibility

— kt Edwards (@ktedwrds) November 26, 2012

@time has jumped the shark: Sandra Fluke nominated for Person of the Year. If she wins, then America has nuked the fridge.

— LarryD (@AoftheA) November 26, 2012

Media as prop arm of Planned Parenthood RT @time: @sandrafluke Congrats! You’ve been chosen as a candidate on @time‘s #POY2012 poll.

— Mollie Z. Hemingway (@MZHemingway) November 26, 2012

the Mayans were right! // RT @time: @sandrafluke Congrats! You’ve been chosen as a candidate on @time‘s #POY2012 poll.

— Jon D Wilke (@jon_wilke) November 26, 2012

This is sad. #SignOfTheTimes RT @time @sandrafluke Congrats! You’ve been chosen as a candidate on @time‘s #POY2012 poll.

— Ross Parrish (@Roscoe09) November 26, 2012

If Sandra Fluke is one of Time’s People of the Year, the Obama phone lady deserves a Nobel Prize or something.

— Landon (@OrwellForce) November 26, 2012

Well, Obama did give her a phone, and he does have a Nobel lying around somewhere.

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