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This Is What Airplane Food Looks Like In Economy Vs. First Class

You would think that shelling out hundreds of dollars for an airplane ticket would mean you’d at least be fed a decent meal. Well, if you choose economy class which, let’s be honest, most people doyou’re lucky if you get a package of pretzels and a plastic cup of juice.

But if you spring for an actual meal, you probably wonder if those wealthy souls sitting comfortably up front in first class (with all the extra leg room) are actually dining on high-class fare while you’re relegated to food reminiscent of a high school cafeteria.

Well, wonder no more.


Turkish Airlines – Dinner in business class

I’m comfortable with everything here. Yes, please.


American Airlines – Dinner in economy class

What did we do to deserve this?


United – Dinner in first class

Honestly? I’m not that impressed for first class.

And where’s thewine? Unacceptable!


Lufthansa – Dinner in economy class

If you make it through the “entree,” at least you get a decent brownie.


Cathay Pacific Airlines – Dinner in business class

Delicious looking bread with butter in the shape of a flower.


Aegean Airlines – Dinner in economy class

In case you’re looking to carb load a bit.

And hey! Who needs vegetables?


Kenya Airlines – Dinner in business class

Then again, this is much better. The butter is so fancy!

Thank you for flying (and eating) with us.

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