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This Is Exactly What You Don’t Want To Happen When You’re On A Boat

Shark attacks are rare, but they are still the stuff of nightmares.

I love the beach and the ocean, but before I dive in, the possibility of sharks is always on my mind. The aquatic predators, especially great whites, are so fearsome and pervasive in our collective imaginations that the Discovery Channel puts on Shark Week each year and “Jaws” still holds up as a classic.

With that in mind, never has the phrase, “you’re gonna need a bigger boat,” applied more than for this captain and crew…

Fortunately, the crew was able to get the boat to shore safely. Rainer Schimpf, the boat’s captain, gave an interview to MaxAnimal about the terrifying encounter.

Schimpf explains that the shark likely thought their boat was a dead whale carcass, which is a behavior Great White Sharks have been known to exhibit. After it realized the boat was not edible, it disappeared.

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Yikes! I think I’ll stay on land for awhile…

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