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They Saved This Fox From A Fur Farm. Now She’s BFFs With An Adorable Dog!

Foxes raised at fur farms suffer cruel and horrible fates, which is why when this couple had the opportunity to save one of the unfortunate creatures, they didn’t hesitate to act.

Polina Luschinskaya and her husband welcomed a fox cub named Jay to their home in Kraków, Poland, after rescuing her from being slaughtered at one such farm. They quickly found that it was meant to be and couldn’t imagine life without their now two-year-old furry buddy, who loves playing, cuddling, sleeping, and just being with her humans.

Because Polina worked from home, she was able to keep Jay company most of the time. But when things changed and she started working at an office, she worried about her little friend. “I was very afraid that Jay would miss us as she would always be alone,” she said.

That’s when they decided to add another adorable member to their family.

They adopted two-year-old Saimon from an animal shelter, and he turned out to be the perfect sibling for Jay.

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