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These Drunk French Teenagers Stole A Llama And Took It On A Tram Ride

1. Five French teenagers from Bordeaux were arrested after they kidnapped a llama from a circus and took it out on the town.

The group walked into the closed circus after a night out at a club last Thursday, and started “playing with the animals”.

2. They decided to take one of the llamas with them. His name is Serge.

The Independent reports that they had “originally set their hearts on taking a zebra”, but the zebras didn’t want to go with them. Serge was apparently more keen on an adventure.

4. But the night’s adventures were cut short when other passengers alerted a ticket inspector to the fact there was a llama on the tram.


The inspector made Serge get off the tram, and tied him to a lamp post.

A Facebook page in support of the Llama Five was set up — successfully, it would seem, as French media reports that the director of the circus has withdrawn the complaint against the five teens.

7. Serge is now back with the circus, and is reportedly doing well. And was apparently interviewed on French TV.

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