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The Supercut Of 31 Simpson’s Movie References Is Amazing

Remember what things were like ten years ago? One of life’s biggest scares was when you accidentally clicked the internet button on your phone, twitter was launched, I cried when Portugal knocked England out of the World Cup and The Simpsons was still good.

It’s the latter that we’re focusing on here. I’ve not been asked to write about my dismay surrounding England’s 2006 World Cup failings… yet.

Simpsons used to be glorious. It was so funny and fresh and one of the best bits was trying to pick out the whole plethora of flim references that they did. Obviously it was impossible since there were so many. But here’s a video that does some of the work for you…

A supercut of 31 film references in The Simpsons compared to the actual scenes they’re copying… it’s amazing! (FYI – It get’s NSFW at some points)

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