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The Secret To Cristiano Ronaldo’s Famous Abs Is Actually Really Simple

If you ever wondered what Cristiano Ronaldo does to perfect his six-pack, you can officially stop waiting for the magic answer.

His club, world-renowned Real Madrid, posted a video of what the form and technique of Ronaldos ab workout looks like.

Clearly, the secret is that there is no secret.

Ronaldo is just a maniac when it comes to doing crunches, and reports in the past support that fact.

In 2009, a story from the Daily Star details that Ronaldo does 3,000 sit-ups per day.

The Daily Star even quoted a source saying,

He can spend well over an hour every day toning his abs, sometimes while watching telly.

Andif you dont want to believe tabloids, then heres another story,this time from The Telegraph.

Back when he was with Manchester United, Ronaldo was taken to a specialist to get to the bottom of some acute abdominal pain he was experiencing.

After Ronaldorevealed he had been doing 700 sit-ups per day, it was suggested that he, well, chill out ongoing that hard.

Its pretty clear that Ronaldo has a long historyof doing these things.

And by these things, I mean crunches. Lots and lots of them, apparently in different forms.

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