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The Pros & Cons of Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian Staying Together

For pretty much our entire adult lives, the only thing more consistent than global warming and Pirates of the Caribbean sequels has been Scott and Kourtney. They've broken up countless times over the years, but of course now that they're in the Hamptons it seems like it might be for real (lol). Here are some pros and cons of Scott and Kourtney staying together:

  • Pro: Scott Disick is a certified Betch, and he’s one of the most entertaining parts of the shows.

    No matter what bullshit drama is going on, we can always count on Scott to say the most inappropriate thing.

  • Con: According to Kourtney, Scott does something that hurts Mason and Penelope pretty much daily.

    We know this because she usually shouts “You're hurting Mason and Penelope.”  I feel responsible for these children, and I don't want anyone hurting them.

  • Pro: Scott and Khloe’s fights are really priceless, and they happen on pretty much every episode.

    Without Scott around, the producers would have to work overtime to come up with new story lines for Khloe.

  • Con: Scott is about as white as possible, which really goes against the dating rules laid out by the rest of her family.

    Kourtney deserves the chance to sleep with a rapper for a while, don't you think?

  • Pro: They obviously love each other.

    If they didn't, there's no way that he would put up with her voice, and she would put up with his shit. You don't have three kids with someone you don't give a shit about. You just don't. 

  • Con: I could think of more cons, but really it’s pretty obvious that these two idiots deserve each other.

    We can probably look forward to zillions more episodes of Scott being literally so rude, and I can't wait.  Long live Scott and Kourtney.

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