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The Lion King Celebrates Its 7,000th Broadway Performance!

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Since 1997, The Lion King has been captivated audiences in New York City. Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014, The Lion King celebrates its 7,000th show on Broadway.

The only other shows that have reach this incredible mile stone have been Cats, Phantom of the Oprah, and Chicago.

Produced by The Disney Theatrical Group, The Lion King has become an iconic Broadway production. Not only does the “King” perform every week in The Big Apple, but also travels the world, having performed on 6 continents. Based on the 1994 film, Julie Taymor came in and re imagined the childhood classic, making it more than a story about love and adventure, but a true piece of art.

If you haven’t seen 1 of these 7,000 performances you are missing out.

Video available at:

The Lion King Plays 8 Times A Week At The Minskoff Theatre in NYC

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