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The “Game Of Thrones” Butt Quiz Leads The Daily Links

There sure are lots of naked butts on Game of Thrones. But do you know exactly whose butts we’ve seen? – [Vulture]

Sarah Silverman made a French-language short film called “Fête des Pets.” Random? Yes. But also very funny. – [Splitsider]

Everyone wants to see Baz Luhrmann’s film adaptation of The Great Gatsby. But the novel’s story takes on special resonance in 21st-century China. – [The New Yorker]

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

The Batmobile of the recent Dark Knight trilogy was pretty badass. So badass, in fact, that a group of fans decided to build one of their own. – [Yahoo Movies UK]

You know LeVar Burton as the Reading Rainbow guy or Star Trek’s Geordi La Forge. But these days, he’s looking to define himself in a new role. – [Serial Optimist]

It’s easy to forget that Amanda Bynes dated Seth MacFarlane for a little while. Actually, it’s easy to forget that any of these celeb couples ever dated. – []

Had a rough week? Hey, at least you didn’t get your head stuck in a chair. – [CollegeHumor]

The Soufriere Hills volcano on the Caribbean island of Montserrat was dormant for centuries. It came back to life in 1995, and the effects have been devastating. – [The Atlantic]

Photo courtesy of NASA

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