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The 15 Most Infuriating Fails In Movie Basketball Scenes

1. The ball going through the hoop doesn’t match up with the shot.

Disney Channel

Look at this. The guy’s running up from the right side for a layup, and the ball goes in from the left. This happens a lot and it’s a big pet peeve of mine. I understand that actors are not athletes and therefore cannot make a basket every single time so you might have to use two shots, but aren’t directors supposed to be good at, like, visualizing angles and stuff? They can’t tell the difference between left and right?

(Clip from: The Luck of the Irish)

2. Defense does not exist.

Are you friggin’ kidding me? What are these guys even doing? The guy on the left???

(Clip from: Teen Wolf)

3. Any lame move will get you past a defender.

Disney Channel

If you do any sort of fake, the defender will bite and you’ll have a free lane to the hoop. It’s sort of like playing against a mannequin.

(Clip from: Double Teamed)

4. The clocks don’t work right.

Disney Channel

Look at this. First there are three seconds left. Then the ball gets stolen by the white team…and look at the clock in the background: Seven seconds left! Then the ball goes in and there are zero seconds left. That clock is not following the rules of clocks.

(Clip from: The Luck of the Irish)

5. The scoreboard never makes sense.

In movies, some baskets are worth, like, 12 points. It’s crazy. A team can be down by 30, make five baskets and suddenly the score is tied.

(Clip from: Teen Wolf)

6. The players take shots that don’t look like real shots.

Sweet layup, superstar. I can’t believe that got blocked.

(Clip from: The Amazing Spider-Man)

7. The “everybody jump up, but nobody grab a rebound” move.

“OK, guys, we’re going to have the main actor grab a rebound here, but we have to make it look real, so everyone stand in a line and jump straight up at the same time. Trust me, this is how basketball is played. Also, there are going to be like 40 of you on the court for some reason.”

(Clip from: The Cable Guy)

8. Having a conversation during a game.

20th Century Fox

Sure, trash-talking happens, but no one has ever had a full conversation with someone IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME!

(Clip from: John Tucker Must Die)

9. Coaches letting players draw up the last play.

Yeah, let’s let the hormonal teenager call the play when the game is on the line. Good idea, coach!

(Clip from: High School Musical)

10. High dribbles.

Nothing says “I have no idea how to play basketball” quite like a dribble bouncing up to your face.

(Clip from: Teen Wolf)

11. Impossibly high jumps.


(Clip from: 3 Ninjas)

12. Insane dunks.

20th Century Fox


(Clip from: John Tucker Must Die)

13. People dunking that should never be able to do that.

Apparently I’m the only person in the world that can’t jam.

(Clip from: American History X)

14. Having a really terrible, awkward player on the team.

For some reason, even the best teams in the state have some player who can barely dribble. Why is that dude on the team? How did he not get cut? Why doesn’t he find an extracurricular activity that he actually enjoys and is good at? You know, like not playing basketball.

(Clip from: High School Musical)

15. Having that super shitty player make the big shot.

This simply should not happen. I mean, there’s a reason he’s been at the end of the bench the whole time. He’s not any good. He should miss this shot. And yet, when it comes down to it, the worst player on the team inevitably has ice running through his veins and becomes Mr. Clutch City. Absolutely ridiculous.

(Clip from: Hoosiers)

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