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The 14 Most Memorable Teresa Giudice Moments

Teresa Giudice is set to serve fifteen months in prison for her weird little husband’s fraud. As her sentence approaches, we mourn the time she’ll spend behind bars instead of on air. To make up for a year without everyone’s favorite psychopath, here is a compilation of her most memorable botched phrases in broken English.

  • Words to live by

  • She knows it’s all about self confidence.

  • Teresa's not afraid to push your buttons.

  • Always clarify.

  • She reads social cues expertly.

  • She's logical.

  • Actions speak louder than words.

  • She has class. 

  • Teresa doesn’t take anyone’s shit.

  • Teresa DGAF.

  • Bye, Teresa. See you on the other side if you get a book deal out of this, lol.

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