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The 12 “Punkest” Moments From Avril Lavigne’s New Music Video

This is Avril Lavigne’s new single “Here’s To Never Growing Up,” let’s rank the “punkest” moments, shall we?

12. Avril’s ironically cheesy-looking band.

11. Her drummer with an eyepatch (which would actually make it pretty hard to play drums).

10. Her studded bracelets.

9. Avril’s cool plaid pants.

8. Her skull and crossbones arm tattoo.

7. Her shouting into a bullhorn.

6. Her lounging like a boss in a classroom wearing a leather jacket.

5. Spray painting the walls of a high school.

4. Popping champagne bottles at prom (giving alcohol to minors = pretty punk).

3. Setting up a Slip-N-Slide in a classroom.

2. Her showing up in her outfit from “Complicated,” which is a super 2000s mall punk throwback.

1. And her sitting around while a bunch of teens tear up the high school, making way for a generation of rowdy kids.

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