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Taylor Swift Parody About ‘Shaking It Off’ After Peeing Is Brilliant

Sometimes, boredom can inspire the most genius of ideas, the most creative of plans.

Other times, boredom can result in recording a music video to a parody song you’ve written about piss.

Guess which category this video falls into? (Answer: the latter.)

Actually, this is insanely hilarious, packed with lyrical masterpieces such as “I’m hydrated like an otter,” “My dick is like a water hose” and “I don’t want any piss to trickle down into my pants.”


Oh, and the whole pee-themed song is set to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” How fitting.

If you head over to the YouTube page where the video was originally posted, you can even read the lyrics in the video description.

We’ve got to give these guys points for creativity, even though this is by far one of the strangest parodies we’ve ever come across. The weirdness is what makes it so funny, though.

Watch the video up top. You’re welcome.

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