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Man Uses Vacuum Cleaner On Fire

Well, they found MacGyver’s long lost brother. How’d they find him? Video has surfaced of him vacuuming a fire up. At first, it looks like it’s working. Then-oh crap!-the vacuum catches fire. But he’s resiliant, and keeps on cleaning the fire up, until, amazingly, it’s gone.    Read more:

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa Trailer

Are movie goers still buying into the ‘real people’ reacting to pre-planned pranks in movies such as Borat and Jackass? Apparently, yes, as Paramount has just announced their newest movie in the Jackass series, Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa.  As mentioned before, the movie claims to be a scripted film with ‘real people’ reacting to outrageous pre-planned pranks…

Jetblue Flight 1416 Turns Into A Nightmare

Nobody pays attention anymore when the flight attendants review the safety protocols before a flight. But hopefully the passengers of Jetblue Flight 1416 did. In the middle of their flight, an engine blew out and the cabin began to fill with smoke. The staff manually dropped oxygen masks for passengers as the captain attempted to land. The…