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Kimmel: Did You Vote Prank (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel pranks passersby by asking them if they already went to the polls – on Monday. The fact that the Election Day is Tuesday, November 6, and the polls weren’t open until today did not stop these people from voting – yesterday. JKL via SIS Read more:

Snow Plow Takes Out Pedestrian in Brooklyn (Video)

A Brooklyn snow plow nailed one unlucky guy with a wall of snow while he was walking down Coney Island Ave, at 5 am. He seemed pretty cool about it, I know I’d be way more upset… Another angle, maybe even better: H/T: Gawker Read more:

Little Girl Can’t Say Fire Pit (Video)

Little Olivia is learning that fire pit is not the same thing as f*ck it. Obviously, not recommended for watching at work. via Buzzfeed Read more:

Swimmer Escapes Crocodile in Mexico (Video)

A tourist was filmed in Boca Paila, Mexico, swimming away from a large crocodile that was pursuing him. The guy managed to escape thanks to a quick-thinking observer who threw an object at the croc. According to reports, the locals don’t swim in the water because they consider it too dangerous. Original video by Manuel…

Dog Wants a Kitty (Video)

Who wants a kitty? This dog wants a kitty! So soooooooo bad! You may remember the talking dog’s voice from the ‘Ultimate Dog Tease‘ video. via Read more:

Cockatoo Singing Gangnam Style (Video)

I knew this was gonna happen! People started this whole Gangnam Style mania stuff, it got all out of hand, and now even the parrots are singing it! This cockatoo is very cute about it though, so I guess it’s ok… via TO Read more:

Tiger and Dog Play Together (Video)

The tiger and dog have been raised together since they were nine weeks old, they have become inseparable friends. They play together all the time and neither one of them has ever been injured. Read more:

Bear Cub Wanders into Oregon Drug Store (Video)

Bear Cub Wanders into Oregon Drug Store (Video) A baby black bear was caught on camera wandering the aisles of a Rite-Aid pharmacy in Ashland, Oregon. The cub is now under the care of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. H/T: Gawker Read more:

Scuba Surprise Military Homecoming (Video)

Bethany Bronson was swimming with her kids when her husband, Captain Hyrum Bronson, returned home early from deployment to Afghanistan and surprised them by scuba diving behind their backs! His family definitely did not see that coming! via Read more:

Baby Hates Nationwide Jingle (Video)

An 8-month-old baby boy really hates the ‘On Your Side’ jingle from Nationwide Insurance commercials. Ok, you could argue that his dad is not the best singer, but if you sat through any of the current shows on TV – you’d know that this baby simply has had enough of those ads. It’d probably get…