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Stupid Law Says 'NO' To Gay Marriage!? Google Says 'Challenge Accepted.'

Until May 18, 2013, same-sex marriage was illegal in France. Watch to find out how these couples challenged that law, one gay video chat at a time. Make sure you have tissues on hand at 1:39 when it starts to rain on your face. Note: These symbolic marriages were not legally binding, but rumor…

One Congressman Hits The Gay Marriage Debate On The Head With A Powerful Statement

John Lewis is not just any U.S. politician. He’s the only living member of the “Big Six” leaders of the American civil rights movement. And he’s got a few important points to make about LGBTQQ rights as well. // Read more:

Fails on Ice! Via: FailArmy Read more:

It Might Be The Most Mind-Boggling Photograph Humanity Has Ever Taken

When you see photographs of the Earth from far away, the implications may not immediately be clear. This puts it all into perspective. // This photograph of Earth taken by Voyager 1 was dubbed “Pale Blue Dot.” For more videos featuring the calming bass of Carl Sagan’s voice, check out The Sagan Series on YouTube.…

They Said, ‘It’s Normal. Stop Making A Fuss.’ Then She Decided It Was Time To Make A Fuss.

In this troubling and then uplifting TEDx talk, Laura Bates explains how one-after-the-other encounters with sexism made her start asking others about their experiences (at 2:35 in the video) and the surprising answers she got. At 6:25, she talks about the now-busy website she created as a place for women to share their stories, and…