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A Long And Somewhat Uncomfortable Science 'Debate' Between Science Guy And Clueless Congresswoman

Like Bill Nye the Science Guy says, “What I would encourage everybody to do is back up and let’s agree on the facts.” He patiently points out the consensus among the scientific community: Climate change is a thing and we shouldn’t ignore it. Read more:

2 Women Just Proved Why Talking About Race Is One Of The Most Important Things You Can Do

“The Daily Show” correspondents Jessica Williams and Samantha Bee set out to prove that it’s not that hard to talk about race relations in America. In just five minutes, they managed to get folks to exhibit their own biases and privilege, starting a conversation that I hope people are interested in continuing. Read more:

Knife-Wielding Great Grandma Encourages You To Eat Dandelions

Clara’s cooking show has recipes that all call for a big healthy dose of perspective, because she learned to cook during the Great Depression. Learn to see the world — and the kitchen — through her eyes. Be sure to catch her story at 2:00 about working at the Twinkie factory! Read more:

Stupid Law Says 'NO' To Gay Marriage!? Google Says 'Challenge Accepted.'

Until May 18, 2013, same-sex marriage was illegal in France. Watch to find out how these couples challenged that law, one gay video chat at a time. Make sure you have tissues on hand at 1:39 when it starts to rain on your face. Note: These symbolic marriages were not legally binding, but rumor…

One Congressman Hits The Gay Marriage Debate On The Head With A Powerful Statement

John Lewis is not just any U.S. politician. He’s the only living member of the “Big Six” leaders of the American civil rights movement. And he’s got a few important points to make about LGBTQQ rights as well. // Read more:

Fails on Ice! Via: FailArmy Read more:

It Might Be The Most Mind-Boggling Photograph Humanity Has Ever Taken

When you see photographs of the Earth from far away, the implications may not immediately be clear. This puts it all into perspective. // This photograph of Earth taken by Voyager 1 was dubbed “Pale Blue Dot.” For more videos featuring the calming bass of Carl Sagan’s voice, check out The Sagan Series on YouTube.…

They Said, ‘It’s Normal. Stop Making A Fuss.’ Then She Decided It Was Time To Make A Fuss.

In this troubling and then uplifting TEDx talk, Laura Bates explains how one-after-the-other encounters with sexism made her start asking others about their experiences (at 2:35 in the video) and the surprising answers she got. At 6:25, she talks about the now-busy website she created as a place for women to share their stories, and…