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Kimmel: Did You Vote Prank (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel pranks passersby by asking them if they already went to the polls – on Monday. The fact that the Election Day is Tuesday, November 6, and the polls weren’t open until today did not stop these people from voting – yesterday. JKL via SIS Read more:

Herman Cain Political Ad Shoots Bunny Rabbit

Short time Republican nominee front runner Herman Cain is making another splash in the spot light after his latest ad has gone viral. The short advertisement features a little girl proclaiming the cute rabbit she is holding represents small business. Then she says this is what the current tax code does to small business, and…

Ohio State University Marching Band Gettysburg Address Performance

The web’s most popular college marching band has again gone viral again with this American history-themed performance.  During the The Ohio State University VS Indiana game, the OSU marching band performed a patriotic marching band rendition of the Gettysburg Address. Already, the clip has amassed over a quarter million hits over the weekend.    Read more: