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Bruce Springsteen Covers ‘Royals’ By Lorde

The Web has finally moved on after obsessing over Lorde’s hit single Royals for what seemed like forever.  But the song is buzzing again online after video of rock star Bruce Springsteen covering the tune hit the web.  Andy Taylor was at the Springsteen concert in Auckland, New Zealand and captured the cover performance on video which is now…

Facebook Are Finally Changing The ‘Like’ Button

Sometimes, a simple ‘like’ isn’t really enough to express what you want to express. You don’t want to ‘like’ that someone’s dog has died, but you want to show that you’re sympathetic. Sure, there’s the comments section, but who really has time for that these days. And anyway, Facebook has a better solution. They’re rolling…

The Daily Dose Of Feel Good

How does a double amputee cat go down the stairs? Like this….     She could probably have worded this better. Maybe your girlfriend has anger issues? The view of Earth from different points This mans wife made him wait until she had successfully passed two scans before announcing that she was pregnant. She wasn’t too impressed…

Guy Wants To Play Guitar, Cat Wants To Fight

Tony Martinez says all he wanted to do was play guitar and shred. But his kitty had other ideas. Mr. Kitty wanted attention and thought Tony was in a playful, fighting mood.   This silly video has gone viral with over 190,000 hits in one day!   Read more:

A Whole New World School Art Video

Whalidman and his good friend created this magic carpet ride video for art class. Their video went viral after it was posted it on Reddit and b3ta. Together, the two buddies ‘fly’ around campus with fantastically horrible special effects while lip singing Aladdin’s famous Whole New World.   Read more:

The Sci-Fi Portfolio Ultimate Remix

Movie buff and remix artist Hatinhand is quickly gaining attention after the release of his latest remix video, The Sci-Fi Portfolio. He  cut up and compiled over thirty famous science fictions films into this one ultimate sci-fi tribute video that is already featured on TheAwesomer.     Read more:

Rihanna Falls On Stage

How many times can fans watch celebrities falling on stage while performing? I don’t know, but apparently fans can’t get enough. Here’s Rihanna falling on stage while performing in Edmonton. She falls, and gets right back up singing. Like a champ.   Read more:

VIDEO: Porn Plays Loudly Over Supermarket Intercom Leaving Customers Baffled And Awkward

Aaaah supermarkets. Endless rows of food you didn’t know existed. Trolleys packed with things you mostly won’t end up eating. Porn playing over every tannoy… you know the sort. “What you chattin’ ’bout, helloU?!” You’re probably thinking. Well, Dan (or whatever your name is), you’ll never guess what happened in a target supermarket inCampbell, California…

1950′s Style Cover Of ‘Rude’ By Magic!

There’s something about 1950′s music that is just magical. Realizing this, pop music cover artist Scott Bradlee and his band The Postmodern Jukebox decided to give Magic!’s new hit Rude a 1950′s makeover. Von Smith guest stars as lead singer and knocks the song outta the park.    Read more:

Lady Gaga Releases ‘ARTPOP’ Album Companion App

“ARTPOP” by Lady Gaga “could mean anything,” as sung in the title track on the album. With the release of Lady Gaga’s third studio album “ARTPOP,” Gaga and her TechHaus team have built an intriguing companion app. The main question is whether the ARTPOP app is more than a gimmicky way to boost album sales.…

The War On Drugs Is a Failure Auto Tune The News

In order to celebrate 4-20 in style, The Gregory Brothers, aka the Auto Tune The News guys, made this music video declaring The War On Drugs Is a Failure. In the video, Politicians from both sides of the aisle ‘sing’ how the war on drugs is unconstitutional, a waste of money, and a failure.    Read more:…

Liam Neeson Had Something To Get Off His Chest

Liam Neeson went was discussing the recent Paris shootings when he digressed into a bit of a rant about gun laws.  The 62-year-old actor said.  “First off, my thoughts and prayers and my heart are with the deceased, and certainly with all of France, yesterday. I’ve got a lot of dear friends in Paris,” Liam…

Pentatonix Covers Moves Like Jagger

Modern A Cappella group Pentatonix first made a name for themselves on NBC’s Sing Off. Now they have just opened their first official YouTube channel with their own cover of Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 as their opening number that has quickly gone viral.    Thanks Ilana!! Read more: