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50 Best Viral Videos Of 2012 Compilation

If you’re a fan of ViralViralVideos, you rarely miss a popular, trending video online. But even if that’s true, it’s always good to review the past, especially as the year is coming to a close.  That’s why World Wide Interweb made this Best Viral Videos Of 2012 compilation wrap up video containing 50 of the most viral and…

20+ Cute And Funny Puns By Arseniic

Puns are a popular topic for illustrators because they offer fun and diverse topics to draw and because they’re cute and clever. Monika, the US-based artist behind the Tumblr Pundemonium, is the latest artist to succumb to their charm by drawing tons of cute pun illustrations that her followers love. Monika’s not the only artist…

If Michael Bay Directed Pixar’s UP

Pixar’s UP was a great film, but what if action movie director Michael Bay had managed the movie? It would definitely have more explosions! Thankfully, MrStratman7 did the hard work for us, and created this Michael Bay trailer for his version of UP.    Read more:

Charles Barkley’s Bad Golf Swing Breaks Golf Club

Playing with some buddies, Charles Barkley took a horrible golf swing. It was so bad, the club broke. At a TNT sports talk show, the hosts, including Charles, make fun of the swing. They poke fun, but Barkley is a good sport.   Read more:

Bald Eagle Crashes Inside University Chapel

To motivate and inspire, the Oral Roberts University in Tulsa invited World Bird Sanctuary handler Roger Wallace to have a very real American Bald Eagle majestically swoop around the chapel hall during a school event.  But instead of returning to Roger’s arm, the great bird‘s instincts took over, and flew directly into the large chapel windows with a…

Hilarious Kid Owns News Weather Forecaster

Many kids freeze up when they are put on the spot. But not little Charlie. He was invited by WGN News to be on air during the weather forecast and absolutely crushed his performance. He did a great job not just reading the graphics, but adding his own take on the situation.      Read more:

Phonetic Descriptions Of The Annoying Sounds Teenagers Make

Everyone knows the ‘sounds’ a typical teenager will make when dealing with adults. But it takes a true linguist to breakdown and dissect theses sounds so we can truly understand them. Thankfully, phonetic genius James Harbeck has come forward with this video to “give precise phonetic descriptions of those rude sounds adolescents make.”  The clip has already…

Guy Quits Jobs He Doesn’t Really Have Prank

Peter Butterman posted his latest prank video nearly two weeks ago, but it only went viral over the weekend. The video has already amassed over 120,000 views since Friday, and is now featured on MSN, Y98Radio, and HailMaryJane.  Peter went around to different stores and companies, and told one of the employees that he has to quit.…

Baby Freaked Out By Dad’s Motorboat Noise

New born babies reacting to noises is a classic viral video recipe. FatherhoodIs says that he found the secret to calming/melting his daughter Charlotte’s brain whenever she gets fussy. He just makes some motorboat noises and her eyes widen as her mouth closes.   Read more:

I Forgot My Bag At The Airport Comedy Sketch

Yosemiteland actually published this short sketch comedy video over a year ago, but it has just resurfaced on the viral video scene now. While seemingly flying on a place, a man sitting at a window seat realizes every traveler’s worst nightmare: He forgot his bag at the airport! Luckily, things aren’t always what they seem.    Read…

I’m A Stupid Freaking Cat Song

NSFW – language. Let’s get real. What is the point of cats? What exactly do they do? Dogs can be taught tricks, can guard the house, and are loyal. Cats don’t really do any of those things. They just run around like they are busy, eat, and sleep. It sounds like an awesome life. I wish…

Taxi Dave Rap Spoof – Black And Yellow Cab

Taxi Dave in Sacramento, California turned to the Internet to star in his very own parody commercials. He connected the dots and chose to spoof the rap hit single Black And Yellow by Wiz Khalifa with a taxi cab twist. His upbeat personality makes up for his lacking rap skills.    Read more: