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Obama Jokes That “We’re building Iron Man”

CNN reports that last week President Obama gave a speech at a White House manufacturing innovation event and made a humorous superhero joke.  “Today I am joined by researchers who invent some of the most advanced metals, designers who are modeling prototypes in the digital cloud… basically I’m here to announce we’re building Ironman,” he joked. “I’m gonna blast…

Frozen Is The New Black

Pop culture obsessed Only Leigh has merged the Netflix sensation Orange Is The New Black with Disney’s ultra popular feature film Frozen in her latest video parody. When Elsa loses control of her powers, she’s sent to a correctional institution. What she quickly learns in prison is that being stuck with dangerous princesses behind bars is no fairy tale.    Read more:…

Rick Santorum Bad Lip Reading

Even though Florida chose Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nominee, the race is only getting started. BadLipReading has covered almost all the other candidates, so now it’s time for Rick Santorum.    Read more:

Guy Wants To Play Guitar, Cat Wants To Fight

Tony Martinez says all he wanted to do was play guitar and shred. But his kitty had other ideas. Mr. Kitty wanted attention and thought Tony was in a playful, fighting mood.   This silly video has gone viral with over 190,000 hits in one day!   Read more:

A Whole New World School Art Video

Whalidman and his good friend created this magic carpet ride video for art class. Their video went viral after it was posted it on Reddit and b3ta. Together, the two buddies ‘fly’ around campus with fantastically horrible special effects while lip singing Aladdin’s famous Whole New World.   Read more:

What If Neanderthals Ate ‘Magic Mushrooms’

Thousands and thousands of years ago, monkeys ruled the world. The odds are that some of them ate magic mushrooms. Maybe that’s how humanity evolved from the great apes. Or maybe this is just a funny, crazy cartoon. The video is shared on TheDailyWhat.    Read more:

Remember 1999 In Ten Minutes Ultimate Montage

Even before BuzzFeed blew up online, the web has been obsessed with 90′s. Users can’t help constantly repeating, “The 90′s weren’t a decade ago? Gosh, I feel old.” Well, it’s time to finally face the music. The 90′s are long gone. But that’s OK. Viewers can always take a trip through time and visit all…

VIDEO: Porn Plays Loudly Over Supermarket Intercom Leaving Customers Baffled And Awkward

Aaaah supermarkets. Endless rows of food you didn’t know existed. Trolleys packed with things you mostly won’t end up eating. Porn playing over every tannoy… you know the sort. “What you chattin’ ’bout, helloU?!” You’re probably thinking. Well, Dan (or whatever your name is), you’ll never guess what happened in a target supermarket inCampbell, California…

10 Halloween Themed Hacks

Besides for Christmas, Halloween may be the Internet’s most popular holiday.  To celebrate, the Crazy Russian Hacker collaborated with Alex and Dominic from Keep the Heat to offer viewers 10 Amazing Halloween Hacks. Try making a pumpkin candle or a glow in the dark balloon ghost to create a truly spooky atmosphere for your Halloween party this year.    Read…