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Stray Cat Heroically Saves Baby’s Life By Keeping Him Warm

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A tabby cat in Russia saved a baby’s life after she found the 3-month-old abandoned in a cardboard box on the street, according to Yahoo! News UK.

Luckily for the baby boy, the long-haired cat named Masha resides in the neighborhood, where residents alternate feeding and caring for her.

When she found him, Masha climbed inside the box to keep the baby warm and meowed loudly to alert anyone nearby.

Irina Lavrova went outside and heard the call, thinking the normally quiet cat was in trouble.

Instead, Lavrova, 68, found Masha nestling next to the baby and licking him.

Lavrova said,

You can imagine my shock when I saw her lying in a box next to a baby. Clearly her mothering instincts had taken over and she wanted to protect the child.

The baby was wearing a hat, Lavrova added, and had with him some diapers and a little baby food.

He was taken to a hospital and was found to be perfectly healthy.

Police have launched an investigation to find his parents.

Yahoo! News in the US told the story differently, reporting that the baby was found lying on the ground inside the entryway of an apartment building. It also quotes sources from local Russian news stations.

A paramedic told a Russian reporter that Masha ran after the ambulance with the baby inside.

The paramedic told REN TV,

She was so worried about where we were taking the baby. She ran right behind us, meowing. She was really a rational creature.

Russian TV station TV Zvezda said that Masha had spent several hours keeping the baby warm.

The network said,

The residents are certain, if the cat hadn’t taken care of it, the baby wouldn’t have had a chance.

The baby boy is currently under the care of the hospital.

Lavrova said that residents are rewarding Masha with plenty of good food.

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