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Soul-Crushing Video Shows What Its Really Like to Be the Mom of a Sick Kid

Its hard to imagine: becoming a mama to the most perfect little piece of life that you could ever imagine, and then being told that theyre sick.

Not sick like they have a cough and need some rest sick, but rather, sick with an illness that would make even the strongest mothers feel completely helpless. The kind of sick that is every parents worst nightmare: the real, raw and often fatal illnesses that no child or parent should ever have to endure.

In honor of Mothers day, SickKids Foundation released a 90-second ad with a different kind of call to action.

The clip shows a handful of different mothers, literally reaching their breaking point.

As the music darkens, one mama breaks down in the shower, the other in her car, anotheron her brisk run. They all have the weight of the world resting on their shoulders, and viewers can see it.

But just like that, the music changes. We watch the mothers, who seconds ago were crumpling, find a new hope, and the drive to keep going and stay strongMomStrong.

Most parents will never know the strength it takes to care for a sick kid in these regards, and for that, we couldnt be more grateful. So the message behind the ad is simply this: For every kid in the hospital whos missing childhood, theres a mom staying strong.

This Mothers Day, SickKids hopes that others will stand with these moms to help their kids get back to just being kids.

Join the movement today. Together we can support the mothers who have been tasked with an impossible job, and believe for the Lordto be working some God-sized miracles on their behalf.



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