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She Took A Selfie In The Car And Noticed That Perhaps She Wasn’t Alone After All

A mom from Florida thinks that a ghost haunted her daughter when she refused to put on her seat belt — and she has the picture to prove it!

Melissa Kurtz and her 13-year-old daughter, Harper, were on their way to a beauty pageant last July when the picture was taken. The teen, bored with the drive, decided to snap a few selfies. Later that evening, her mom was looking at the photos and noticed a little boy behind Harper’s shoulder in one of them.

Melissa and Harper maintain that they were alone in the car that day. On their drive to the pageant, they went down a stretch of highway where a little boy died in a tragic car accident years earlier.

In fact, they happened to be traveling on the anniversary of the child’s death. Most of the selfies that Happer took don’t feature anything unusual.

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