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She Hit The Wrong Window During A Fight With Her Boyfriend And It Led To Disaster

Getting upset during a breakup is a completely normal and natural response for anyone, but this woman ended up hurting a three-year-old child when her fit of rage went way too far.

Little Spencer was just an innocent bystander when a fight broke out between his uncle and Taylor Price, his girlfriend, while they were babysitting the boy in Rochester, Pennsylvania. At one point, Spencer’s uncle broke up with Price. How she retaliated is awful.

Not only did Price repeatedly hit her boyfriend’s face and bite him on the chest, but she also punched out one of the rear windows of the car they’d previously been driving in — right where Spencer was sitting in his car seat.

The glass hit Spencer directly in the face, leaving him with a cut on his forehead and a punctured eye. According to his mom, Samantha Upson, he’s had to undergo surgery and had to visit a specialist earlier this week. She doesn’t know yet whether her son will lose any of his vision.

Price has since been arrested and charged with child endangerment and simple assault.

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