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Scott’s Favorite Buzz Of 2012


1. The BuzzFeed Book Club

After went crazy on Twitter, we created book covers for our favorite suggestions.

2. British People Problems

As a half-Brit, this selection of Reddit’s finest page — r/britishpeopleproblems — really spoke to 50% of me.

3. 60 Moments That Gave Me The Chills During Seattle’s First Day Of Marriage Equality

Matt Stopera’s photo essay from the first day of marriage equality in Washington state was incredibly moving.

4. President Barack Obama Writes Fifth-Grader An Awesome Absence Note

A nice moment from the campaign trail this year.

5. BuzzFeed Visits The World Pizza Expo

We went to the 2012 Internation Pizza Expo; here are the things we learned.

6. 27 Reasons Why Nothing Matters

Having a rough day? This post will put put everything in perspective.

7. BuzzFeed’s Hill Cumorah coverage

We sent McKay Coppins and Katie Notopoulos to the 75th annual Hill Cumorah in Palmyra, NY, to cover the lavish annual Mormon pageant.

8. The 60 Greatest Pet Costumes EVER

Title says it all.

9. 37 Voters On Twitter Who Really Need Your Help

This was a key reminder that democracy is a flawless system of self-governance.

10. 23 Cats As Emoticons

It turns out that emoticons have been based on cat-faces all this time. Who knew?

11. Unbelievably Cute Pictures Of An Orphaned Baby Koala

It’s important to keep tabs on what’s going on in the baby koala world.

12. Mandy Patinkin Is A Gift To This World

Mandy Patinkin is the most important actor of our time. If this fact has somehow passed you by, it’s time to start catching up with history.

13. PICS:

14. From election night, this quote from Senator Tammy Baldwin.

15. Backwoods Hobo Jack

From BuzzFeed’s coverage of the 2012 National Hobo Convention.

16. This is the sweatshirt we got Jack when he became the editor of BuzzFeed Animals, a/k/a Beastmaster.

17. VIDS:

18. All Of San Diego’s NYE Fireworks Going Off At Once

19. The Gathering Of The Juggalos 2012 Lineup

20. The Perfect Guide To Holiday Etiquette

22. LINKS:

23. BuzzFeed Editors Unsure How To Spin Petraeus Story Into Reason The ’90s Were Great

From November 12th’s edition of the Onion:

With Monday’s peak web traffic hours nearly over, editors at the viral content site BuzzFeed told reporters they were still searching for a way to incorporate the news of CIA director David Petraeus’s career-ending affair into a short article about why the 1990s were great.

24. David Carr on BuzzFeed in the New York Times

“With its mix of oddities, listicles and Web memes, BuzzFeed was at first something like The Huffington Post without the pretension of producing news and commentary. But in December, Mr. Peretti hired Ben Smith, the highly regarded blogger and columnist for Politico, to be his editor in chief. Right after he started in January, Mr. Smith broke the news of Mr. McCain’s endorsement of Mr. Romney for the New Hampshire primary. The message was clear: BuzzFeed was a player in news.”

25. Suggested BuzzFeed Articles

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