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Report: Shots fired at Santa Monica College, shooter down; Updated!/DJBerumen/status/343081537539039232

Santa Monica College is currently on lockdown following reported gunfire:!/KNXJay/status/343083430956896257!/KNXJay/status/343084066955988993!/AndyRiesmeyer/status/343087327079440384

On-scene tweets from a Santa Monica College research analyst:!/DJBerumen/status/343083342859759616!/DJBerumen/status/343084281918263296

The suspect is reportedly down:!/CBSLA/status/343084079438233600

The number of victims is unknown.!/DJBerumen/status/343086590911971329!/AndyRiesmeyer/status/343087935417098241

We will continue to monitor the situation and update with further developments.



The LA Times is reporting three victims:!/13ReginaMobley/status/343088803889688576

President Obama is in town today for a fundraiser:!/jbwworld/status/343089649880817664

But he is several blocks away from the college:!/ClairDogg/status/343090421519491073!/LisaDCNN/status/343090548632076288

More on the shooting suspect via NBC LA:!/NBCLA/status/343092049999982592



The Corsair, Santa Monica College’s newspaper, is tweeting photos from the scene:!/The_Corsair/status/343091852179828736!/The_Corsair/status/343092650183897088!/The_Corsair/status/343095535772782592

More eyewitness accounts:!/lolosen/status/343099050222030848!/KennethMoultry/status/343098880898002945

Purported photo of the suspect:!/oliverdarcy/status/343099474857570305



Three victims are reportedly being treated:!/MatthewKeysLive/status/343101379511984129



Research analyst Daniel Berumen says he saw an officer down:!/DJBerumen/status/343101333072666624



There may be a second shooting suspect:!/The_Corsair/status/343104999540269056

A second person has been taken into police custody:!/KFINEWS/status/343110477695549441!/KFINEWS/status/343115711582965760

The man being taken into custody in the video acknowledges that he is a student at the college.



Just awful.


Update, 7:30 p.m.:

Police now say that as many as six people, not including the suspect, were shot and killed today in incidents around Santa Monica College.!/anblanx/status/343150372048748545!/MatthewKeysLive/status/343146392086269952

Here’s a bit of a gruesome tally and a neighborhood map showing the path of the shooter. The two bodies at Yorkshire were recovered from a burning home. It appears the shooting spree started there, moved through town following a carjacking, and ended at that Santa Monica College campus.!/ABC7/status/343123316237819907

2 dead at Yorkshire
1 dead Cloverfield/Pico
2 dead 19th/Pearl
1 died at UCLA
1 suspect killed
1 person of interest in custody— ABC7 Eyewitness News (@ABC7) June 07, 2013

* * *

Update: Just before midnight, police reported that the death count had been revised down by one, leaving the total number of casualties at five, including the shooter.


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