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Parody Video Perfectly Describes The Ridiculous Hype Over New Technology

Each time Apple unveils a new product, it seems as though the world gets a little more excited.

The lines outside the Apple stores get longer; the reporting on said product becomes more in-depth. The hype gets out of control, and to be honest, it’s f*cking ridiculous.

This video serves as a reminder of how unnecessary and over-the-top our tech hype has become. The spoof video features Biz Stone, the cofounder of Twitter, in a “fireside chat” interview.

He begins to speak about a project he’s been working on in the Bay Area, when the interviewer asks if said project has anything to do with the “secret tablet-sized object” he had in his hand at Disrupt.

When Stone responds, “My book?”, the interviewer takes his answer to be “The MyBook,” and tech hype hell breaks loose, with the world gearing up for the imminent release of the mysterious MyBook.

This video introduces investor Ron Conway’s One City initiative, a call for tech companies to invest in their local communities — specifically, in local schools.

The goal is to spend less money on products and more on educating youth and the future generations.

They’ve definitely presented their goal in the funniest, most memorable way possible, so it’ll be interesting to see what companies join in Conway’s initiative.

H/T: Time

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