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Meet A Woman Completely Obsessed With Trolls

1. Meet Michelle Kerrins. She is obsessed with troll dolls.

2. She keeps trolls all around her house. In shelves,

3. In drawers,

4. In the freezer,

5. In her car,

6. by the sink.

7. She even has a troll-like licensee plate.

(I wonder what she thought of the movie?)

8. She even has her own troll doll room.

9. Of course her obsession continues on into her closet. Like this skirt,

10. Troll pajamas,

11. Troll shoes…

12. …which you really need to see in motion,

13. and — duh! — a troll bikini.

15. So, why the obsession with trolls?

Okay, then!

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