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Matt Prior Saved A Man’s Life During England’s Ashes Tour To Australia

1. The Mirror reports the England wicketkeeper was on his way home from a charity function when he pulled a British man off Pyrmont Bridge in Darling Harbour.

David Gray / Reuters

2. It says he and England security officer Terry Minish kept the man on the bridge until the police arrived.

Philip Brown / Reuters

3. According to the report:

The England stumper approached him with caution since he was acting erratically and started a conversation with him.

Moments later he made a motion to jump at which point Prior and Minish grabbed him and wrestled him to the floor on the safety of the bridge.

4. Prior is not the only England cricketer to have had an interesting time off the field. The Mirror has also recently reported on spin bowler Monty Panesar.

David Gray / Reuters

5. Panesar apparently took to Tinder hours after bowling the last delivery in the Fourth Test to tempt a female backpacker to his room.

David Gray / Reuters

6. But she turned him down. Still, on the plus side the blow he took to his balls on the second day clearly had no lasting effects.

David Gray / Reuters

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