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Kate Middleton Forced To Subject Her Royal Self To The Mass Transit Of Commoners

1. With visible trepidation, the Duchess of Cambridge accompanied her grandparents-in-law to the Baker Street tube station in London on Wednesday.

Sang Tan / AP

The all-important event that warranted this hugely important visit from the queen and her grandson’s pregnant wife? The tube’s 150th anniversary, which surely ranks somewhere above “Toy Soldier Day” and below “National Absinthe Day” in importance. For Kate it looked like a particularly fraught public appearance — the mightily symbolic commingling with commoner things and all. Let’s take a closer look.

2. “Are you sure I actually have to go in there?”

Danny E. Martindale / Getty Images

3. “Ha ha, that looks… dirty.”

Chris Radburn – WPA Pool / Getty Images

4. “No no, it’s fine – so long as I don’t have to touch my bare skin to anything!”

Chris Radburn – WPA Pool / Getty Images

5. “So you’re telling me… the cars aren’t ridden privately?”

Chris Radburn – WPA Pool / Getty Images

6. “Well that was frightful.”

Pool / Reuters

7. “If I were a commoner I’d be the biggest alcoholic.”

Luke Macgregor / Reuters

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