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Kanye West’s Heart Has Finally Been Melted By Ralph Lauren

Thank you, Mr. Lauren, for bringing out the true Yeezy.

1. Here’s Kanye West.

Photo by Grant Lamos IV / Via Getty Images

Suave, sophisticated, and probably happy, but you’d never be able to tell by the look on his face.

2. Here’s “Surprised Kanye.”

Photo by Vivien Killilea / Via Getty Images

Note the raised eyebrows.

3. Here’s “Performing Kanye.”

Photo by Dave Kotinsky / Via Getty Images

He’s in the moment and on top of his game.

4. Here’s “In Love Kanye.”

Photo by Jason Merritt / Via Getty Images

The man loves his wife.

5. But here is the best Mr. West of them all: “Awestruck Kanye.”

6. This is a Kanye that only comes out when his cheek is touched by the hand of Ralph Lauren.

@ralphlauren Instagram / Via

It happened this morning, when Kanye met Ralph Lauren backstage at his fashion show.

7. This is the face of pure, unadulterated happiness.

@ralphlauren Instagram / Via

Thank you, Ralph Lauren, for bringing out the true Yeezy.

8. Kanye approves.

Pop Crush / Via

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