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Intense Video Shows A Diver Being Attacked By A Great White Shark

There’s few things in this world that frighten me. The other day I was siting on the sofa when a massive spider came out from underneath it, ran really close to my foot and I sort of yelped so that’s new – I don’t like spiders – and, before that, I once had a girl sending me provocative texts and I accidentally replied to my dad but I managed to get to his phone and delete the message before he saw it. That was pretty wild.

But one thing I definitely know I’m not a fan of, though, is the sea. Visually, it’s lovely and, on most other scales, it’s fascinating and beautiful but, Jesus, it’s pretty terrifying when you’re treading water a fair distance away from the coast and something brushes your foot.

You just don’t feel like you belong out there. That’s why this video is pretty terrifying. A man has a full-on encounter with an angry great white shark but, the thing is, he doesn’t see it coming. The water’s so murky you can never know what’s around you! That’s the ocean! People go in it for fun!!!

God that was tense. Just waiting for it to happen the whole time…

You might have noticed that he lost one of flippers there. Well, he was lucky to have just lost that, if you know what I mean..?

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