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If You See This Happening In Places With Animals, It’s Not Cute — It’s Bad For Them

There are few places on Earth that allow bystanders to connect and interact with animals in the same way that zoos and amusement parks do.

In most cases, you can get up-close and personal with many of the animals. There’s nothing quite like posing for a selfie with a full-grown tiger, or taking a ride on a camel’s back. But while these interactions may be amazing for us, they aren’t so fun and memorable for the animals. While the animals may appear to be happy and healthy during these human interactions, behind closed doors, they are suffering from harsh animal cruelty and even abuse.

Looks may be deceiving, but if you notice animals in any of these situations, know that there’s something more sinister going on behind the scenes.

1. Pacing

If an animal is pacing, it’s not a sign of boredom as it may appear to most humans. Instead, pacing around in a cramped cage or exhibit case can be a sign of high levels of stress and frustration and could be the result of poor mental health.

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2. An increase in babies

If it appears that there is an overabundance of baby animals at your local zoo or amusement park, that’s because the animals are forced into reproducing as a means for increasing ticket sales. Spectators love getting the chance to witness an animal birth or watch the baby animals grow up.

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