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How To Get Perfect Abs, According To The Kardashians’ Personal Trainer

Summer is just around the corner, which means plenty of excuses to show off thatmidsection.

To make sure we get it tight and right, Elite Daily called up TheKardashians’ trainer, Gunnar Peterson, who shared tips to getting summer bodyready, which he admits means “starting in winter.”

But for those of you who have been slacking, fear not, the fitness enthusiast – whodid his interview while also getting in his morning workout on the bike – spilled on histop ab exercises and what you need to do to tone that tummy.

Gunnar, who has been a personal trainer for 27 years, has a roster of celebrity clients,including Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, and the Kardashians, admits his training processis “always evolving.”


He prides himself in always “maintaining a constant state of flux” when it comes toworking out, using various exercise movements with a combination of strength and resistance training.

Gunnar explained,

Anything from dumbbells, to kettle bells, TRX straps, core sticks, pneumaticresistance, bands, water balls, medicine balls, and all forms of resistance I use in mytraining methods.

The celeb trainer doesn’t typically isolate a certain body part when training. As he said,

We integrate a lot of differentmovements.So there could be a lunge with a lateral raise, there could be a squat with a press, asquat with curls, lateral lunge with curls. I combine everything. Same with the biggermovements. So take a deadlift but also attach a band to your waist so it’s a deadlift andas you come up it’s a glute drive so the glutes continue to fire throughout even at thetop of the movement, against the resistance of the band, which is pulling you indifferent planes.

When asked how he gets his clients ready for summer, he stressed, “getting after theweights” and to stop focusing on just cardio, contrary to popular belief. Gunnar added,

Girls who are afraid of lifting weights – you’re not gonna get big! You’re gonnaget big if you’re eating big!

He explained,

Try to do cardio and burn fat before you start lifting weights, is liketrying to clean your house before the maid comes – you probably won’t do a very goodjob at it and you’ll piss off the maid.

Despite the fact that his workouts are always changing, Gunnar shared a few sample abexercises to fire up that midsection.He stressed,

Remember when you’re focusing on a flat stomach you’re focusing waymore on diet and recovery than you are about X, Y, Z, movements.


Gunnar was kind enough to share a sample ab workout with us below:

We domedicine ball slams, [reaching overhead and then slamming the ball] in front ofyou, as well as side-to-side plank to work all parts of the abs.We do a littleab matrix–a crunch with a reach with a medicine ball,and then [again]with a rotation in there.We do aleg raiseand then anangled leg raise.It’s X amount of reps per [each movement], then we cycle through it.

As for how many reps Gunnar focuses on, he said,

It depends, but ten reps on thecrunch, maybe 20 on rotation, ten on the leg raise, then five and five on each side onthe angled leg raise. And then we’d cycle through it 2, 3, 4, 5, times and then we’d move on to 8, 9, 10other movements, then come back to it again, and so on and so forth.

So if you’re looking to have a toned tummy by summertime, you better get moving!

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