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Guy In Alaska Discovers How Cool Skipping Rocks On Frozen Water Sounds (Video)

YouTube user DudeLikeHELLA (real name, Cory Williams) documents his life in Alaska and shares the videos he takes online in a series called “Living in Alaska.”

Two days ago, he uploaded the 43rd installment in the series to his channel, which depicts the outdoorsy dude skipping rocks on a frozen lake.

The video is called Coolest Sound Ever because Williams discovered skipping rocks on a frozen body of water produces a weird, alien-esque sound.

The best way to describe noise is a sort of metallic chirping that echoes.

Williams was not expecting to hear what he did, and he freaks out after he realizes what a cool noise the rock skipping made.

Though the entire video is 16 minutes long, the rock-skipping part is only about two minutes and starts at 3:41 — check it out for yourself.

H/T: Huffington Post

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