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Gotta Give It To Her: Why Kim K Knows Exactly How To Work The Media

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The time has come. It is here. I can escape no longer. I’ve tried to hide from her. I’ve tried to ignore her. I’ve tried to pretend she’s just a figment of my imagination (and the rest of the world’s). But I can do so no longer. I lose. And I must say, I’m happy I have.

As shocking as it is for me to say, Kim Kardashian, through her relentless maneuvering, has wiggled her way into my life — and my heart. It’s been a constant battle for me — trying to resist this Kardashian sister. First, there was the Ray J sex tape scandal, which truly didn’t surprise me.

Then, it was her “marriage” to Kris Humphries, and the list goes on and on and on…

It’s hit me, though, that perhaps I’ve been looking at Ms. Kardashian all wrong. The way I’ve been analyzing her — what she says, the photos she posts to Instagram and the way she’s gone about building her reputation — is distorted.

Instead of criticizing her because what she does may not fit my ideals, I should be praising her.

Regardless of what anybody says or thinks, the one, simple, undeniable, irrefutable fact about Kim Kardashian is she is a mass psychology genius.

Throughout her many years of being in the public eye with “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” the cover of “Playboy,” marital scandals and daring fashion moves, she’s been a fixture in our lives. If pop culture rules the world, then Kim is our reigning empress.

As a 20-year-old college student who has high ambitions and lofty goals, maybe I should regard her as my role model rather than an object of ridicule. She clearly has ambitions and dreams to become a mega-star. And, through many efforts, she has succeeded.

To stand out, you usually have to take a risk, whether with a joke or how you dress. But, when you begin to “color outside the lines,” you run the risk of not hitting your target.

This can result in losing points instead of gaining them, with the people from whom we’re trying to win the attention.

Kim is doing this on a scale so grand we can’t even hope to comprehend. But, she does it (granted, in conjunction with a team of PR strategists).

She always hits that just-right stunt and lands smack on the boundary between crazily outrageous but not destructive or unlawful, so as to bring humiliation upon her beautifully coiffed head.

Working her way up this ladder, she has been berated, ridiculed, meme’d, GIF’d and publically tormented. I once enjoyed and even participated in the mockery. But now, with my perception altered, I realize how wrong I’ve been.

It is truly remarkable to tolerate the unceasing resistance from millions of people and still reach a high level of success, find a husband, have a beautiful daughter and build a hugely profitable franchise.

So, we may enjoy her different antics, poke fun at her weight and question her life choices. But the towering truth before us demands acknowledgement: Kim Kardashian is smarter than we are. She’s a brilliant genre unto herself, a personal life entertainer.

So, let us all swallow our pride and concede to her the mental real estate she’s conquered; she’s someone whose life we can’t help peeking at between our fingers.

This is a perfect time for our big, group swallow. Kardashian’s publicists released her controversial photo on the cover of PAPER Magazine, daring us not to peek one more time.

After our serving of humble pie, let us apologize to Miss Kimmy K and begin to praise her.

Let us declare our newfound admiration for the tireless self-promoter, the quintessential celebrity product, who manages to remain fresh long after the blooms have fallen from the socialites before her.

I celebrate this media-age marvel. I know I will not release a sex tape or star in my own reality show, but I now look to Kardashian’s courage and finesse to elevate my own authentic profile in the crazy career marketplace.

Thank you, Kim, and please forgive me.

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