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Gmail Now Plays Classic AOL ‘You’ve Got Mail’ Sound


“You’ve got mail” was the catchphrase of the ’90s web. But the popular welcome jingle faded away with pay-per-minute dial-up connections.

Now you can add a little 1998 to your work day with a new Chrome extension that plays the AOL’s familiar sound when — you guessed it — you’ve got Gmail.

Created by Chris Baker and Mike Lacher, the congratulatory sound is identical to that of AOL’s in the dial-up days.

“[We} were just joking about the old days of the internet and how we never really got that AOL guy’s voice out of our heads,” says Baker. “Then we just threw the plugin together and realized it was both funny and kind of useful.”

Perhaps this sound was less annoying in the AOL days because we didn’t have smartphones and weren’t getting that much email. Luckily, the extension has a mute feature for those of us who get an email every three minutes.

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