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Facebook Are Finally Changing The ‘Like’ Button

Sometimes, a simple ‘like’ isn’t really enough to express what you want to express.

You don’t want to ‘like’ that someone’s dog has died, but you want to show that you’re sympathetic.

Sure, there’s the comments section, but who really has time for that these days. And anyway, Facebook has a better solution. They’re rolling out six differentemojis that you can react to a post with.

As The Independent put it, “This. Is. Big”.

To pick a reaction, you’ll click and hold the like button, which will bring up all the options. Then, underneath each post, there’llbea tally of all the different ways it’s made people feel.

Your best mate might ‘love’ that you got that promotion, while Linda from work might be ‘angry’. And now you can show that you’re ‘sad’ your friend’s dog has died, and don’t just have a really sick sense of humour.

Facebook have already tested this in a few countries, and with a lot of success.

We can’t help but think that ‘like’ and ‘yay’ are kind of the same, but all in all, we’re looking forward, though, to seeing this roll out.

Image Sources: The Guardian

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