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Conspiracy Theory Says Taylor Swift Is The Clone Of A Satanic Leader…

The internet loves a good conspiracy theory (the more outlandish the better), and this one has really got people talking.

Apparently Taylor Swift is the clone of Satanist Leader, Zeena LaVey.

Zeena’s father founded The Church of Satan, and she was its High Priestess between 1985 and 1990. She then renounced Satan, and took up with the Egyptian god Seth instead. She was High Priestess of the Temple of Set for a while, and nowadays, it’s believed that she’s a Buddhist, living in Berlin and practising black magic.

But why do people believe that Taylor is a clone of Zeena? Primarily, because they look almost identical….

They look similar – sure – and some people are thinking that maybe they’re just somehow related, but then where’s the fun in that?

Much better to assume that Taylor Swift is a clone, created with Zeena’s DNA so the former Satanist can have another crack at life, this time with a highly successful pop career.

Naturally, there’s YouTube videos (with a hefty amount of views) on the subject…

(They seem to be ignoring the fact that Taylor is actually ageing, but hey ho, there’s probably an Illuminati explanation for that as well…).

In any case, the conspiracists of the internet love it:

This guy is our favourite:

She’s definitely not the first person to have looked strikingly similar to somebody else: remember the guy who found hisdoppelgangeron a plane?

Now nobody is calling them clones…

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