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Conservatives reveal ‘things Obama voters believe’!/JustenCharters/status/257872717259362304

With Election Day just over three weeks away, it’s important to know what we’re up against. Conservatives gladly took on the task of giving us a window into voting liberals’ minds:

#ThingsObamaVotersBelieve Dressing as vaginas is appropriate, but pro-life views are an invasion of privacy. #tcot

— Amy Lutz (@amylutz4) October 15, 2012

#ThingsObamaVotersBelieve. The gov will never run out of other people’s money

— Galyn Jensen (@Galynjen) October 15, 2012

Any word you don’t like, any thought you don’t agree with, is racist. #ThingsObamaVotersBelieve

— Angela(@NoKoolAide) October 15, 2012

#ThingsObamaVotersBelieve Drilling for our own oil is bad but handing over US taxpayer money to other countries to do the same is OK

— Daria DiGiovanni (@dariaanne) October 15, 2012

#ThingsObamaVotersBelieve we should model our country after Europe

— Gabriella Hoffman (@Gabby_Hoffman) October 15, 2012

#ThingsObamaVotersBelieve that one bird is more important that 23 million out of work Americans.

— Nicole (@QueenNiciLawson) October 15, 2012

#ThingsObamaVotersBelieve – Subsidizing welfare creates less poor people and taxing economy creates more jobs. Really. They believe that.

— EricD (@TheMotleyMind) October 15, 2012

#ThingsObamaVotersBelieve that the word “jobs” is spelled with three letters.

— José Pascual (@Jaeger1985) October 15, 2012

#ThingsObamaVotersBelieve That Failure is the New Success!

— Shawn Grams (@airwolf1967) October 15, 2012

#ThingsObamaVotersBelieve. That the government creates jobs

— Galyn Jensen (@Galynjen) October 15, 2012

#ThingsObamaVotersBelieve that he could accomplish by 2016 what he couldn’t by 2012

— Jordan Belcastro (@jbelcastro21) October 15, 2012

#thingsobamavotersbelieve free phones are better than free speech

— Luck Dynasty (@FightingSwiss) October 15, 2012

#thingsobamavotersbelieve That the giant is still asleep

— Stephie in Texas (@StephieInTexas) October 15, 2012

We’re wide awake. Remember in November.

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