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Company That Lets You Send Sh*t To People Made Over $10K In One Month


Over the past few months we’ve been keeping a close eye on Shitexpress, a company that promises to send your friends (or enemies) a prepackaged box of horse manure and a personalized message for one easy payment of $16.95.

Based on stories I’d heard concerning similar business in the past, I was skeptical that the company was going to live up to its promise, but it turns out that the service is very, very real — as you can see from the unboxing video Motherboard posted below.

Based on the concept alone, it’s easy to look at Shitexpress as nothing but a practical joke, but if the company’s founder is to be believed, it’s a practical joke that netted more than $10,000 in sales over the span of a month.

When you consider the fact that the horse poop is supplied to the company at no charge, you have to respect them for being able to turn a literal pile of crap into (theoretical) gold.

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