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Community Post: The Many Stages Of Going On A Diet

1. So you’ve decided to go on a diet…

2. But where do you even start?

3. Because it’s sooo confusing.

4. First, you “get rid of” all the junkfood in your house.

5. You clean out your fridge and stock it full of healthiness!

This is going to be awful.

6. And tomorrow… we exercise!

7. But really soon you’re going to realize how sad dieting can be.

I don’t even know what I’m eating. Is this cardboard?

8. And that exercise is really hard.

9. Not to mention, you sound like a crazy person the whole time.

10. Then the depression sets in.

11. Because everything you love has been taken away from you.

12. So finally, you accept your fate.

13. And just nix the whole idea

14. Because Saturday night is for pizza bitches, not for salads.

Better luck next time.

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