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Community Post: Reasons Why You Want Andy Cohen To Be Your Best Friend

1. He knows how to rock facial hair

2. He has killer dance moves

Miley who amiright????

3. He throws great shade

4. But he keeps it real

10. He loves his country!

11. He was on an episode of Sex and the City….

12. ….and now he and SJP are total BFF

14. He has great suggestions

15. His book is hilarious

His stories of internships, Susan Lucci encounters, and letters to his mom from camp will have you crying from laughter

16. He knows what’s important in life

Cher, Oprah, Gaga….duh.


21. He has gay shark dance parties

22. He even looks good without eyebrows!

23. Oprah knows what’s up

Watch Andy every night on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” aka the greatest night time talk show of all time or what my Mom calls “Sesame Street for adults”

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