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Community Post: 35 Things Horror Movies Taught You To Fear

1. Final Destination taught you that EVERYTHING can kill you.

2. The Strangers made you afraid to ever be at home.

And that people do horrible things for no particular reason.

3. Jeepers Creepers makes you speed down the road every time you pass a scarecrow.

It’s especially great if you grew up in a farm town.

4. Psycho is the main reason you peek out your shower curtain every 30 seconds.

5. Scream is the reason you don’t answer unknown phone numbers.

It’s probably also why we now have caller I.D.

6. Whenever you come across a static TV channel, you fear you will wind up dead in a closet, thanks to The Ring.

7. Carrie taught you to fear the consequences of bullying.

8. Psycho also taught you to never trust a guy who says his mom is his best friend.

Seriously, run.

9. A Nightmare on Elm Street is why you have insomnia.

10. Thanks to Vertigo, you hate windy staircases.

11. Nothing scares you more than a group of riled-up children after you saw Children of the Corn.

It doesn’t matter if they are playing at a birthday party – groups of children are not to be trusted.

12. Beetlejuice gave you another reason to hate long lines.

DMV? More like the Dean Man’s Venue.

13. You can’t walk down long hallways after seeing The Shining.

14. The Fly prompted you to put fly swatters in every room of your house.

15. You hate dolls because of Chucky.

Doesn’t matter if it’s Woody or a Build-A-Bear, dolls are creepy.

16. The Little Shop of Horrors is the reason why your plants are dying.

Your succulent collection seems harmless…you’re probably fine.

17. It made you fear clowns more than you already did.

Cross the street, avoid eye contact, and get the hell out of there.

18. The Omen is why you are terrified of babysitting.

19. The Birds is the reason you fear anything with wings.

Forget worrying about being crapped on. Cover your eyes and get out of there!

20. Friday the 13th is why you’ll never volunteer at your kid’s camp.

21. Alien is the reason you stay far away from pregnant women.

22. Texas Chainsaw Massacre has made you fear anyone who doesn’t believe in wearing sunscreen.

23. Jaws is the reason you are scared of going into the ocean.

24. You no longer shave thanks to Sweeney Todd.

25. After seeing Amityville Horror you extensively research every place you consider living.

26. Arachnophobia intensified your fear of spiders.

27. The Purge made you appreciate our democracy, despite its many flaws.

28. The Exorcist is the reason you cry inside every time your yoga instructor has the class do back-bends.

29. You fear for your life every time someone tell you that you smell nice, courtesy of Perfume.

30. You tell yourself that Gremlins is the reason you don’t wash your cat.

They are gremlins in disguise.

31. Nosferatu has made you fear all shadows.

32. 28 Days Later is why you don’t trust scientists, quarantine anyone who is sick, and have a fully-stocked bunker.

33. You’d rather freeze in the rain when your car breaks down instead of knocking on a stranger’s door after viewing The Human Centipede.

34. Rear Window taught you that you can never be too cautious of your neighbors.

35. Finally, Saw is why you will never again attend a game night.

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