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Community Post: 21 Signs You’re About That Taiwanese-American Life

1. You love mangoes, but what you love even more passionately is mango shaved ice!

2. You know what Boba really means ;). muwaha.

3. The struggle has been real ever since your parents told you that boba may cause cancer, but you still eat it….sometimes.

4. When your parents or relatives go to Taiwan they always bring back pineapple cakes and niu rou gan……shhhh.

5. Either you’ve been to or dream of going to the toilet restaurant in Taiwan.

6. Whether or not you know how to speak Taiwanese, you at least know the phrase “ja bung” (let’s eat) because let’s be real, Taiwanese people love food.

7. You were obsessed with Meteor Garden at one point.

8. You may or may not be familiar with Taiwanese music but you know that one MC HotDog “Wo Ai Tai Mei” (I love Taiwanese Girls) song.

9. Jay Chou and his mumbling was inevitably a part of your life.

10. Either you or someone you know loves bands/artists like FIR, Mayday, or Wang Lee Hom.

11. Your parents watched Brokeback Mountain because Ang Lee directed it.

12. You and your parents watch shows like this.

13. You Love Jeremy Lin.

14. You dream of becoming the future Mrs. Lin.

15. When people ask if you’re Chinese, you either go with the easy answer of “Yes,” or you evaluate the situation and then say you’re Taiwanese.

16. You once told someone you were Taiwanese and they replied, “You’re from Thailand?”

17. If you went to Chinese school you were all about that traditional Chinese, not simplified.

18. You know who Chiang Kai Shek is.

19. You or someone you know was a part of Love Boat…….lolz.

20. Once upon a time you flew to Taiwan and got glamour shots, end of story.

21. You’ve accepted the fact that you’ll never be as pale or thin as the ideal Taiwanese standard.

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