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Community Post: 10 Things Game Of Thrones Fans Go Through.


People who do not watch the show…suddenly do not matter.


George R. R. Martin likes to kill people suddenly …with no warning, which makes viewers angry….very angry.


When you start the show you can’t watch just one episode so you stay up all night and then turn into zombie.


The show has to many hot people, which makes dating expectations in the real world ….really high.

5. You have to deal with this asshat.

Amazing actor, but Joffery Baratheon is one of the most hated characters of all times.


So you finally get you’re parents to watch the show….then a sex scene happens…..and then another one…and another….and another.


The Red Wedding nuff said. (if you do not know what this is… Season 3 )


When the seasons over, and you have to play Skryim and pretend you are a Stark..
….seriously this game tides you over until the next season is released.


Your friends/family/co-workers/anyone are now subject to hearing you rant about the show….and they seem so interested..


But it is moments like this, that make it all worth it. Seriously ….you go Tyrion!

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