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Commenters Decide Kanye’s Favorite Designer’s New Collection Is “Vile”

Resort or “cruise” (because every rich person still takes those still) collections come out between the major spring and fall fashion weeks. Most designers just release images of their new lines rather than holding a show, probably because the fuss of two shows a year is enough. Besides, it would just be cruel at this point to force everyone to put together a whole other set of street style outfits for resort shows. Anyway, Kanye West’s favorite designer Riccardo Tisci, who makes those famous leather kilts and Kim Kardashian’s couch costumes, just put out his resort collection, and commenters on the Fashion Spot — some of the most fashion-obsessed people on this earth, even more so than Kanye West — have taken a click through the slideshow and decided the clothes are “awful.”

Editors over at the Fashion Spot published a post summarizing the comments that would read as a nasty critique of the collection without the agreement of TFS editor Pilar Meier, who writes: “It seems as though tFS forum members are growing tired of Riccardo Tisci’s celebrity and street style-centric collections and I can’t blame them.” Most people wouldn’t dare trash an Important Label like Givenchy, but maybe now that Kouchdashian has come and (almost) gone it’s less of a scary thing to do?

Here are some comments from the forum on Givenchy’s new resort collection along with some key looks from the line. (All comments sic.)

1. “is this supposed to look more flattering with that background? well, it really does not….”

Note the older man in the blue top looking straight at the camera as he runs into the side of the model.

Via liberty33r1b

2. “This collection is just so confusing. I feel like he just spitballed wads of paper onto a board filled with vaguely popular themes and patterns from his past couple collections and stuck them together with ABC gum and created this mess.”

Via Moofins

3. “What is going on with those florals. Did he wants to make everybody looks like a pregnant Kim K or what.”

This comment continues: “And what’s going on with this guy seriously. All he’s been doing is stop making haute couture and makes some bambi, virgin mary, rottweiler t-shirts instead.”

(For the record, I liked all those shirts — and not just because Kanye would have been naked without them — and I do miss his couture.)

Via Fashiognosis

4. “Getting very disappointed with Riccardo.”

Via Littleathquakes

5. “Ughhh, what a Hideous collection, Ricardo has become the biggest one trick pony in the business. And it looks like Pre-fall.”

Via Riseup

6. “Recycling silhouette, fabrics and prints… again…”

Via Marc10

7. “Holy unflattering hell. This is even more unflattering than the fall collection, i didn’t think that would be possible. What a mess.”

Via mistress f

8. “*sigh* This is just awful. From the prints to the unflattering shapes. Just awful.”

Via VogueDisciple93

9. “Those maxi trousers are the vilest things I’ve seen in a while.”

Via StoneSkipper

10. “well, it’s a hell of a lot better than the fall collection.”

Via lelaid

Contrast those critiques with this one by a professional fashion critic.

“Riccardo Tisci had the show of his career in March,” writes Nicole Phelps on “It’s no wonder his Resort collection had such an upbeat, optimistic feel.” For the record, she thought the white looks were “gorgeous.”

Head to to see the full collection.

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