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Chicago Teachers’ Union set to strike; Windy City braces for backlash, violence!/RahmEmanuel/status/245003971117322242

Chicago is the LAST place teachers need to be going on strike. Chicago is the number one city in the world now for the most violence.

— June 20 ❤ (@_ItsJuiceee) September 10, 2012

"Teachers will picket until we get a fair contract" CTU President Karen Lewis. First teachers strike in 25 years. #chicago

— Lisa Fielding (@Lisa_Fielding) September 10, 2012

Karen Lewis: No CTU members will be inside our schools in morning

— Chicago Tribune (@chicagotribune) September 10, 2012

BREAKING: Chicago Teachers Union says no deal has been reached with CPS; strike still planned #CPS #chicagoteachers

— Crain's Chicago (@CrainsChicago) September 10, 2012

Breaking: 25,000 Chicago teachers to walk out, Affecting 350,000 kids. Biggest #teacher strike in generation. #labor

— Steven Greenhouse (@greenhousenyt) September 10, 2012

Late tonight, the head of the Chicago Teachers’ Union announced a citywide strike of more than 26,000 members after talks with the district broke down. The public employees’ union opposes teacher evaluations, merit-based pay raises, and smaller increases in pay due to budget woes. CTU president Karen Lewis earned criticism from across the spectrum for her combative statement tonight, including a hostile swipe at public charter schools that will defy the strike, put kids first, and open tomorrow:

"Schools – real schools – will not open tomorrow" – Karen Lewis's not so subtle dig at charter schools. #ctustrike

— Elizabeth Green (@elizwgreen) September 10, 2012

I dislike how Karen Lewis said "real" schools will be closed. Aren't the ones open for those who need a place for their kids to go?

— Brandie185 (@Brandie185) September 10, 2012

Did Karen Lewis just say that Charter schools are not real schools? #Chicago

— Meela Palomo (@Meela312) September 10, 2012

Nice non-work if you can get it:

I want a job like the one #chicagoteachers are fighting for, job security, no accountability, & contempt for your customers @michellemalkin

— toni gleeson (@3dudesandalady) September 10, 2012

With #ChicagoTeachers striking & kids out of government schools, there may be hope for our future. @Talkmaster @iowahawkblog @michellemalkin

— Trinitromethylbenzen (@smittie61984) September 10, 2012

Many Windy City observers braced for more violence after a summer wracked by youth mobs, shootings, and chaos:

I'm worried about the amount of violence that Chicago will see while during this teachers' strike

— Cedric Shine (@cedricshine) September 10, 2012

First teachers strike in 25 years in Chicago. The city is cloaked in violence much of it involving the youth. Schools should be open.

— Mario (@marioinhydepark) September 10, 2012

That teacher strike only means more violence & innocent bystanders for Chicago. It's sad

— Traeatrix Kiddo (@ImDinah_Mite) September 10, 2012

If Chicago teachers strike, violence will increase in the streets and the blood will be on their hands. Who's looking out for the kids?

— Paul Goldsmith (@PaulJGoldsmith) September 10, 2012

As if the crime rate, violence, and murder rate wasn't enough for the city of #Chicago… Now the teachers are going on strike. SMH.

— EJ (@Ejayjones3) September 10, 2012

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel held a late-night press conference to express his “disappointment.”

LIVE NOW: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on impending teacher strike: via CBS News

— Ustream News (@UstreamNews) September 10, 2012

#BREAKING: Mayor @RahmEmanuel "disappointed" with strike. "This is a strike of choice."

— NBC Chicago (@nbcchicago) September 10, 2012

Grim faces. RT @UstreamNews: LIVE NOW: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on impending teacher strike:

— Tony DiLascio (@TADiLascio) September 10, 2012

Parting words from Rahm: “Our kids belong in the classroom.”

Many Twitter users are putting their hope not in government, but in … prayer:

With the amount of violence already happening in Chicago, please pray for a short strike, cool weather & the Church to step up to plate.

— Brian Dye (@visionnehemiah) September 10, 2012

We all need to pray for the children of Chicago during the strike especially considering the violence that city has faced this year…

— M.L.K. Hodges (@mlkingh) September 10, 2012

Saddened to learn that Chicago Public School teachers are going on strike tomorrow. Pray for our children.

— Joel Barnes (@JoelDavidBarnes) September 10, 2012

If you believe prayer works, take a moment to pray for the safety of our children in Chicago during this strike.

— TeeTee (@SweetTee720) September 10, 2012

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