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They Said, ‘It’s Normal. Stop Making A Fuss.’ Then She Decided It Was Time To Make A Fuss.

In this troubling and then uplifting TEDx talk, Laura Bates explains how one-after-the-other encounters with sexism made her start asking others about their experiences (at 2:35 in the video) and the surprising answers she got. At 6:25, she talks about the now-busy website she created as a place for women to share their stories, and…

The Shocking Thing Parents Are Doing To Their Daughters Because They're So Poor

When I heard their stories, I found it to be a fascinating insight into how one country is coming together to acknowledge, discuss, and solve a serious problem it faces. // Read more:

PROBLEM: You Like Porn, But Not How It Depicts Women. I Have A Solution For You.

Some people think there is just no way porn can ever be anything but damaging. But what about ethically-produced porn based on feminist principles? It raises a conversation about women’s sexuality being three-dimensional, rather than continuing the view that they are nothing more than sexbots. For what it’s worth, I’m not sure I buy that…

Do You Remember The Female Avenger? This Little Girl Does, And She Has Something To Say About It.

When Riley found out there was a Black Widow action figure and no one was talking about it, she refused to just accept it. It sounds like this little girl has a lot more sense than the people marketing toys to children like her. Read more: